My story

Late last year, I took the leap and moved to live with my partner in Craigie, NSW, in the beautiful setting of the Snowy Monaro Region where he runs a livestock farm. And what a leap it was! Between the fencing, drenching, dagging and feeding, we’re also renovating our little house in the valley. Often pounced on and pawed at by little woofers, Jesse, Robbie and Mike, we’re really just finding our way.

Outside of embracing this new life and chasing my own career aspirations, I spend a lot of my time reading, creating aspirational art, trying new recipes and chasing skies and my puppies with my camera. And I believe a hot cup of tea sprinkled with a bit of hope can fix anything.

Life update August 2019: In trying to find the balance between love and life, I recently moved to Canberra, ACT for a full-time job. I suppose the journey never ends and the learning never stops.

Soul Curry: in between barbecues, biryanis and the Bottle-Os

This blog is a little space where I can share and document our everyday moments of what it’s like learning to be a farmer’s partner and aid, from scratch. But in the midst of that, I am also excited to share about the books I read, the food I cook and the places I visit. This space is a curation of nothing and everything, including my road to getting fit and healthy, and dealing with my own inhibitions.

Being raised as a ‘city girl’ in a non-farming family, adapting the farm life has been a steep learning curve for me. I never imagined myself in a cattle yard or riding in a tractor but here I am! And honestly, it’s been great. Family, neighbours, friends, the community, you enjoy it all – that, and a beautiful sunrise and sunset each day. Some days are good and some have their own challenges. Most days, you wake up rested and grateful and others, frustrated. But between the highs and the lows, there’s never been a boring day. There’s always so much going on, in nature, in our lives, on the farm, it’s hard to keep up.

I’ve got a long way to go and lot to learn but as I discover each day, you’re welcome to join in my gratitude and anecdotal life lessons.

If you would like to talk, share your stories or show some love, let’s connect!